Pushing Acrophobia Boundaries 

While on a mini vacation this summer we visited Olympia National Forest and went up to Hurricane Ridge. It’s really high up and D has a HUGE fear of heights (Acrophobia). I have some sympathy as I am not hugely comfortable with them myself. We could have let him dictate where we go and what we did. It did to some degree as we didn’t make the 5-mile trek to the Dungeness Lighthouse that we wanted to see earlier in the day as he just can’t handle that much walking.

We have to find balance, so it was no to hiking and yes to pushing the fear of heights. We know that heights terrify him so we didn’t push him too much. From the moment he got out of the car he was hesitant to move anywhere but we wanted him to go into the Ranger Station with us. After touring the station I asked him to come outside for just a minute and take a look.img_2807He did it! This is after he took his look. He’s hugging the side of the building, but he did it!

If we let it, Autism, Acrophobia, and all his accompanying issues could completely control our lives. And to be honest, sometimes it does. But we will keep pushing the envelope, trying to make him feel more secure in a world that makes him feel anything but secure.


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