Medications- They Work For Some 

img_2798I’m in multiple Special Needs groups online and spend part of my time trying to help parents find resources to help them. Medications, supplements, and therapies are a frequent topic of discussion because we are all trying to find something that works for our child.

Medications are a tricky issue. As a parent and advocate, I hesitate to recommend a medication or treatment. I’m happy to share with you what our experiences have been and tell you what has worked for us, but I’m not a doctor and usually, neither is anyone else in these groups.

img_2797In these groups, you have parents who don’t think you should ever be giving your child medication. I disagree, but I feel you have a right to make that decision. Then there the parents who debate over which medication/treatment is best for which issue. Here’s the thing- What works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for the next person. We all have different chemical makeup and different medications work differently for different people. Also, when you have tried one medication, or two, it doesn’t mean the next one won’t work for you. It takes a lot of patience sometimes to find the right medication, supplement or therapy that works for you or your child. I know this from hard fought experience. There are several types of medication D has tried almost (or every) medication there is for that ailment before finding one that works. It has been a LONG and FRUSTRATING process. And when I talk about medications like this, this is not to say we haven’t tried most of the alternative treatments out there. Chances are we have. Sometimes we find one that works, other times it’s like the medication and we go through trying everything.

I guess this blog post is really just about being cautious about where you get your information from. Make sure it’s a reputable source. Make sure you are working with a Doctor or Naturopath who has spent years of their lives studying so they have the knowledge to help you.


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