How to let the new teacher know about your child

New school year, new teacher. Your child has an IEP but does all your child’s teachers know that? What about Music, Art, and Gym teachers? We are starting our Middle School adventures this year. How does that even work with him changing teachers all day? 

You have this beautiful, wonderful child who can sometimes be misunderstood. How can you be proactive without becoming one of “those” Moms?

Something that I was introduced to last year was a child’s resume to introduce your child to the teacher. It has your child’s name and picture at the top. After that, you outline your child’s strengths and weaknesses. If your child gets upset easily or has certain triggers that will set him off- How do you de-escalate them? Special interests that will help them redirect them when they get upset or distracted.

This way it should cut down on misunderstandings, talks with the Teacher, or (gasp) Principal. Awareness of the issues as we know can make a world of a difference.


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