And then there was none…

My goal is one post a week. Usually I have a spurt of inspiration and knock out a couple of posts and get them scheduled for a couple weeks out. It takes the pressure off. I have several in various stages of being finished.

Saturday morning was a glorious morning where I didn’t have to be anywhere, so as I laid in bed I worked on a lengthy post about Medicaid. I polished it to perfection. I added a picture. I went to preview it to make sure everything was formatted correctly and somehow between finishing the post and adding the picture…. I deleted my beautiful words!! Ugh! I haven’t had the heart (or really the time and energy) to go back to that post yet, and here it is Thursday. My mental deadline day for posting and I have nothing finished.Instead you get a post about an unfinished post as I sit here waiting while my son does Occupational Therapy (OT). 

My goal on this blog is to be real, and I don’t want it to become something I dread but rather something I look forward to. So I’m not beating myself up over not having a beautiful thought provoking post with a picture for you. I’m being honest that that didn’t happen this week and honestly, it will probably happen again. My life is busy, catotic and crazy; but it’s mine and I am grateful.


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